Wegmans Chocolates

2008 Gold Addy Award
Rochester Advertising Federation

Category: Sales Promotion, Packaging, Campaign

Wegmans Candy Bars

Wegmans Chocolate Bars

Objective: Chocolates are one of Wegmans signature products. The goal was to capture the fun, artisan side of chocolate that is uniquely Wegmans through various products including chocolate bars, assorted flavored chocolate boxed candies & hot coco.

Considerations that drove design:
• Artisan – the design process is manual, transfer are created one at a time- truly one of a kind. The highest quality chocolate, but not serious and stuffy (Wegmans takes ingredients and process seriously, but they have fun with it).
• Seasonal customization
• Each piece connects to the other and collectively back to Wegmans

1. Bars – Packaging and shape/size (4 flavors)
2. Boxed Assortment of Chocolates.
a. Existing box sizes stay with updated logo
b. Seasonal accessories must be a cinch to execute
c. “Guts” of the box is fair game (brochure, plastic bin, etc…)
d. Chocolate transfers for six new flavors
3. Hot chocolate tin

Wegmans_Chocolate_Rack_SketchOverlaybars on shelf

Wegmans Boxed Assorted Artisan Chocolates,
Seasonal Wraps,Chocolate Transfers,
& Hot Coco Mix.

chocolate tin boxes

Seasonal wrapper for Spring, including considerations for Mothers Day and  Easter.

chocolate flavors display

Six custom chocolate transfer designs.
(Green Tea, Sweet Indulgence, Pomegranate Blueberry,Passion Fruit, Deep indulgence, Cinnamon).

choolates transfers

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