Kodak EasyShare software launch : Mac OSX

ES software square
Designed a 33 page Visual Style Guide that formed the underlying foundation of of the EasyShare software design system. Guidelines that established the specifications that visually organize information including grid structure, icon systems, position of controls, establishing a visual hierarchy of elements. This VSG also outlined the elements and visual interactions that establish the look-and-feel of the application. Appearance specifications include color pallet, type treatment, imagery, icon styles, and screen dynamics. The VSG unified a consistent structure and the look-and-feel across the aligned EasyShare applications, while supporting a strong concept based on the valuable Kodak Brand.
Common user interface design for software products facilitates ease of use, ease of learning, transfer of learning, productivity, and recall. The potential benefits for our customers are:
• Customers perceive the impression of a family of interrelated products with coordinate features and functions, aesthetic graphical appearances, and straightforward interactions.
• Application are easy to learn, and learning one application transfers positively to another application.
• There is reduced reliance on user documentation and telephone technical support.
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.04.59 PM
Utilizing the visual mood board creates the key stylistic elements that make up the Graphic User Interface, in order to establish a consistent tone, manner and the look-and-feel.
The look-and-feel establishes the emotional impact from which the application is perceived, conveying the quality of the inner workings (technology and functionality) of the product. The appearance, plays an important role in making a good first impression, helping the user to overcome what can be an intimidating experience.
The image mood board, shown here, helped to establish the users visual preference regarding aspects of color, shape, patterns, texture and imagery. The outcome of this information influenced the look-and-feel of the design – a design that the user can emotionally relate to.
Kodak EasyShare Brand Attributes
The visual design also supported the established EasyShare Brand attributes:
• Looks and feels easy to use
• Conveys a quality product
• Creates an engaging and fun experience
• Fits with Kodak’s image
KODAK EasyShare software Visual Style Guide : Mac OSX
VSG 12 VSG 1

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