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Creating a Culture of Health in the Rochester-Finger Lakes Region

The Eat Well, Live Well brand offers support to businesses, community groups and individuals seeking to conduct their own health and wellness promotion resources. This employer-based wellness brand strategy also benefits the community, by helping prevent health conditions linked to excess weight and lack of exercise, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity, which cause avoidable, costly health expenses.

Having a community-wide brand of wellness is an efficient, smart approach that unifies our efforts to become the healthiest community in the country. Most importantly, it provides a single, unifying and inspiring message for everyone in our community.


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1. Strive for 5 Cups of Fruits & Vegetables Like most Americans, you may not be getting the recommended 5 cups of fruits and veggies every day. At Wegmans we call it “Strive for 5” to emphasize that we all need to work hard to get those 5 cups into our daily diets. We say 5 cups because that’s close to the average amount needed for adults. Depending on your age and activity level a bit more or less than 5 cups may be fine.

2. Get Moving For everyone—adults, children, the elderly—some physical activity is better than none. Get the OK from your doctor, then strap on a pedometer and find out how much activity you regularly do. Gradually add activity over several weeks and build to a goal of 10,000 steps a day. Once you have been active at that level for a while, add something new. Consider adding a muscle-strengthening activity twice a week. Make physical activity fun by asking friends and family to join you. Turn it into a gift of health for you and benefit others by participating in a Wegmans-sponsored walk. Commit to a healthier better life—Get Moving!

3. Calories Count Diets come and go. High carb, low carb, slow carb: there’s always a new and better one on the horizon. But the bottom line is that calories really do count, and watching portions is the best way to get calories in shape. It does not take much to make a difference, for better or for worse.

4. Measure Your Progress Consistently measuring your “progress” by keeping track of your “numbers” with simple tools like the bathroom scale, a tape measure or even a blood pressure cuff can help keep you motivated to stay fit and eat better. Why Bother? Regularly taking stock of key health measurements—weight, BMI, waist measurement, cholesterol, blood pressure and fasting blood glucose—can give you an idea how your overall health is and help you keep track of any weight loss or maintenance efforts you undertake.

Sample of past community programs:

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